Andie Patterson, Director of Government Affairs

Thank You to CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Donors!

Just over a year ago, in October 2017, the CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Board voted to begin engaging politically by endorsing candidates in State Assembly and State Senate legislative electoral races. Participating directly in the political process allows Advocates an additional opportunity to advance the interests of community health centers and their patients.

Delving into the political endorsement process would not have been possible without the personal financial support of donors throughout the state. Individuals who lead health centers and who live the mission of that work contributed to the c4 enabling a statewide endorsement process. These contributions paid for building the process for endorsements, research on candidates, outreach and communications to candidates about endorsement, and in-person interviews for the endorsement process.

CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates thanks our inaugural donors for the vision and commitment to health centers.

Alicia Hardy

Alvaro Fuentes

Andrea Patterson

Anthony White

Courtney Powers

Daisy Po'oi.

Danielle Myers

David B. Vliet

Deena R. Lahn

Dolores Alvarado

Dong Suh

Dori Rose Inda

Gary Rotto

Greg Stone

Heather Wright

Isabel Becerra

Jason Vega

Jim Mangia

Kearsten Shepherd

Naomi Fuchs

Nik Gupta

Paula Zandi

Reymundo Espinoza

Roberto Juarez

Robin Affrime

Scott McFarland

Suzanne De Young Shupe

Warren Brodine

Yvonne Bell


To continue the work of endorsements and political engagement Advocates appreciates the support of individual donors.  If you would like to become a donor and help build upon the vision, please visit and click the donation button at the top of the page.

For questions, please contact Victor Christy at