Political Endorsements

This past year, CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates had a unique opportunity to engage in two elections in a non-election year. The two special elections occurred due to the vacancies in Senate Districts 1 and 33 by current Board of Equalization Member Ted Gaines and current Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara.

In Senate District 1, Advocates endorsed Brian Dahle who at that time was a Member of the State Assembly. Mr. Dahle has had a long personal and professional history advocating for community health centers. His views are aligned with the mission and values of health centers and is a trusted leader who we believe understands the important role health centers play in communities all over California.

In Senate District 33, Advocates endorsed Lena Gonzalez who, at the time, was a member of the Long Beach City Council.  Ms. Gonzalez had never been in a state level office but impressed our health center leaders during her interview with her drive to help community members, many of which depend on the services that health centers provide.  She had existing relationships with her local health centers and showed a passion to advocate for health centers and their patients in South Los Angeles and Long Beach.

We were extremely pleased that both Mr. Dahle and Ms. Gonzalez won their elections and became the newest members of the California State Senate. We now have two additional advocates among the growing number of elected officials that we have engaged with and supported since our inaugural year participating in the endorsement process.

Now, 2020 is fast approaching which means our next opportunity to participate in an election year is coming up fast. As part of the preparation for the next cycle of endorsements, we have been turning to health center leaders from across the state to ask for input on our candidate questionnaires, worksheets and materials. We want to ensure that we have the best information created to not only educate the next crop of California’s leaders but also to ensure our health center leaders are able to join us throughout this process.

We could not have done this work without the generosity of our health center leaders in contributing personally to our efforts. In 2018 we were able to raise $17,148.33 amount, and already in 2019, 31 donors have contributed $31,540.22 amount. We still have a long road ahead of us but are encouraged by the support and trust our donors have in this process that has allowed us to amplify our voice in Sacramento.

If you would like to learn more about our endorsement process, have any ideas to share or would like to get involved please contact Victor Christy at victor@healthplusadvocates.orgfor more information.

2019 Calendar Year Donors to Date

  • Carmela Castellano-Garcia

  • Jane Garcia

  • Rebecca Pleitez*

  • Andrea Chavez

  • Bethany Snyder*

  • Timothy Fraser*

  • Yamilet Valladolid

  • Jim Mangia

  • Mary Szecsey*

  • Andie Patterson*

  • Anthony White*

  • Dean Germano

  • Warren Brodine

  • Kearsten Shepherd*

  • Corrine Sanchez

  • Leslie Abasta Cummings

  • Cathy Hyde

  • Yvonne Bell

  • Naomi Fuchs

  • Nik Gupta

  • Kerry Hydash

  • Deb Farmer

  • Christine Noguera

  • Jodi Samuels

  • Joanne Preece

  • PRIMA Waste

  • NonStop

  • David Vliet

  • Deena Lahn

  • Californians Allied for Patient Protection

  • Dolores Alvarado

  • Val Sheehan


*Denotes monthly donors

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