CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates is commencing another fundraising initiative for 2019. Since the start of the year we have raised $15,000 from our partners at NonStop Wellness and $5,000 from Prima Waste Management and $5,496.20 from 17 individual contributions. These resources are critical to Advocates’ engagement in political endorsements and building out political strength.   

Our principle goal is to have every single person that supports health centers because they believe in the work and mission become donors.  There are nearly 7 million patients served by health centers, 45,000 staff, and a huge network of staff supporting health centers. Imagine if everyone one of these people gave something - we would be unstoppable! If you haven’t contributed yet, please do. And if you have, we thank you!




Deb Farmer *
Deena Lahn *
Marty Lynch
Henry Tuttle
Ralph Silber
Marie Torres
Joanne Preece *
Saaliha Kahn
Sandy Birkman
Kelley Aldrich
Beth Malinowski *
Richard Veloz *
Corrine Sanchez *
Andie Patterson *
Courtney Rodseth
Steve Heath
Val Sheehan
Steve Schilling
Doreen Bradshaw
Sabra Matovsky
Graciela Soto Perez

Kearsten Shepherd *
Lauren Kahn
Luisa BuadaChristine Noguera
Kerry Hydash *
Sherry Hirota
Dean Germano
Cathy Hyde *
Jodi Samuels *
Jane Garcia
Mary Szcesey
Carole Press
Leslie McGowan *
Leslie Conner
Alicia Hardy
Reymundo Espinoza
Gary Rotto *
Naomi Fuchs *
Dori Rose Inda
David Vliet
Warren Brodine
Jim Mangia
Roberto Juarez

Greg Stone
Alvaro Fuentes
Heather Wright
Robin Affrime
Courtney Powers
Nik Gupta *
Suzanne Shupe*
Paula Zandi
Isabel Becerra
Anthony White *
Daisy Po’oi
Dong Suh
Carmela Castellano Garcia
Christine Noguera
Dolores Alvarado
Val Sheehan
Yvonne Bell *
Jane Garcia
Rebecca Pleitez
Andrea Chavez
Bethany Snyder
Jazmine Ward



*Denotes Multi-Year Donor