Exciting Updates from CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates



In March 2018, CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates launched its new website. Advocates’ website contains information on state and federal legislation and policies, advocacy campaigns, and advocacy related events (such as Day at the Capitol), as well as a compilation of Advocates’ news. Please take a look and feel free to email Andrea Chavez.


With an eye on increasing the collective power of community health centers, CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates has commenced the process of endorsing candidates and incumbent legislators for State Assembly and Senate in the 2018 elections.

Creating the opportunity to engage in statewide endorsements provides  us with another tool to advance policies that ensure all Californians, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or immigration status have affordable health care coverage, and access to comprehensive and culturally-appropriate services so that health and prosperity can be realized by all.

Advocates has been fundraising personal contributions from health center supporters to support the work of the endorsements. The Advocacy Committee and the Board of Directors are working together to finalize the slate of incumbent legislators to be endorsed by CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates.

Post the primary election, Advocates staff will begin to focus on candidates in open races. Candidates will receive a questionnaire that must be submitted in order to be considered for an endorsement. In addition, for candidates in open races, CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates will be conducting in person interviews. Health centers in the district of the candidates will be invited to participate.

It is our goal, to endorse candidates and incumbent legislators that reflect the values of CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates and build upon the mission of advocating for health centers and the patients they serve.


CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates is excited to announce that through individual contributions, we reached our initial goal of $20,000 allowing us to start this new political process for the association. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!

We continue to fundraise as our goal is to have every person who supports health centers and who works at health centers contributing what they are comfortable with. This will enable us to continue to grow our political strength and be a force of positive good in California.